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As are the general population. Watching this motion picture as a dark lady is twofold the strengthening. For the first time ever, we are not hushed or rejected as irate. The ladies don’t play to Hollywood generalizations. White isn’t the excellence standard. The melanin is poppin’ in all shades of chocolate. There’s no long, straight hair streaming in the breeze. There are twists, Afros, turns, locs, headwraps and excellent uncovered heads. Ladies sit on the warning leading body of older folks, ladies ensure the nation, and a young lady is at the focal point of their innovation.

It’s uncommon to see dark ladies so unique and dimensional in a standard motion picture. It’s not about our torment or enduring or outrage. This isn’t a festival of comedic ability or hypersexuality. It’s not one lady with no genuine fellowships running things. It’s a blast of #BlackGirlMagic.


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